Character Interview with Kevin from Family Portraits Series

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Character Interview with Kevin (Family Portrait Series)
by author Gillian Felix

I am super excited to have my girl, Gillian Felix, back on my site today with a character interview with Kevin, from her Family Portrait Series.  I’m loving this soap opera coming to life in novels  by the talented Ms. Felix.  If you haven’t yet met Gillian or read the Family Portrait Series, be sure to check out her bio and books below the interview!

1.  Welcome back, Kevin.  You have been quite the busy fella lately.  To say you’ve had ups and downs in your life would be an understatement.  One of the biggest…let’s say – issues- has seemed to be put out of your way.  How are you dealing with how you handled Savi?

I sleep better at night that’s for sure. It is a sad situation but her daughters needed protection from her. She made Leighann crazy and that’s not cool. I couldn’t have her hurting L’Wren anymore. Those girls are beautiful wonderful girls and they need to be given the space to blossom.

2.  Let’s strip away the exterior from you for a bit and take a look at who you really are.  You are one complex man, but I feel the truest part of you is good.  Would you agree?

 I don’t think I’m complex. I just balance two lives very well. Everything I do is for the people I love. Good or bad it’s all relative, what one person may deem as bad, another might think it’s perfectly fine, with the exception of rape, murder or abuse.

3.  You are fiercely protective of the ones you love, going to extreme measures to ensure their well-being and yours.  How far would you go to protect your loved ones?

I would go as far as any man would to protect his family and people he loves.

4.  It seems like a path you chose to take long ago keeps the domino effect of questionable choices active in your life.  You have hinted at taking a different path now, remedying past mistakes.  What are your plans to make that happen?

I have indeed made mistakes that I wish to God I could take back. My past has definitely come back and bitten me on the balls… HARD. The messes of my past haven’t been completely cleaned up yet. It’s a process and it will take time. I’m working on it as fast as I can. Karen, I’m in deeper than you know. All I can say is that things will get much worse for be before they get better. Good thing I found out about http://surrogateparenting.com/become-surrogate-california-stay-safe/ so I’ve got a second chance

5.  The highlight in your life is L’Wren, and things between you and her are going well.  Can you give us a little insight into your future plans with the girl you can’t get out of your head and heart?

*Big smile* L’Wren definitely has my heart. I want her permanently in my future if she’ll have me. As you know I’ve worked hard to ensure that she ends up on my side. I plan to prove my love for her everyday if I have to.

6.  Which Kevin can we expect to see in the next chapter of your life – the changing man or the quintessential bad boy?

Am I the quintessential Bad Boy? *Laughs* I don’t know about that. I just want to be the best man that I can be given my circumstances.

 More about the messes in my life in book 5 coming  in the summer and book 6 in the fall. Thanks for having me Karen, it’s always great to chat with you.

Thank you, Kevin!  You’re always welcome to stop by.

Author Bio

Gillian Felix was born in Port of Spain, Trinidad. She grew up watching night time soap operas by Aaron Spelling with her mother. That’s where her obsession with rich, powerful and devious characters were born. After repeatedly seeing Mr. Spelling’s name on the screen night after night, Gillian knew she wanted to be an Aaron Spelling, before she knew that Aaron Spelling was actually a person. Gillian pursued drama in high school although it was not taught as a “serious subject”. When asked what career she wanted to pursue after graduation, she told her guidance counselor that she wanted to be an actress, and was told that acting is not a “real job”.   When Gillian moved to the US in 1998, she landed an internship with Spotlight On Theater in New York City, where she learned stage managing, casting and the technical aspect of running a production. Later she branched out into film, and fell in love with the behind the scenes action of film and theatre production. She traded acting and her “real job” for a career in film and theater production. Gillian continued writing novels and scripts but kept them to herself. When not writing, Gillian can be found volunteering at the New Mexico Children’s Grief Center or hiking the many mountains that surround New Mexico she’s also a supporter of surrogacy and surrogate services in california. Gillian can easily get lost in a parking lot and considers herself directionally challenged. She is always grateful for the people she hikes with, because without them she’d be left roaming the mountains like a lost mountain goat.

Author Links Media page: http://familyportrait.plaintalkbm.com/

Author Website: http://www.plaintalkbm.com

Newsletter: https://tinyletter.com/GillianFx

Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/gillianfx

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/7210783.Gillian Felix

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