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First things first, I want to say a HUGE thank you to all the fans of The Rain Trilogy & Ash to Steele out there, you guys truly rock! The feedback has humbled and excited me!

I have had the opportunity to communicate with some very talented authors in my journey so far, and it’s been surreal, to say the least. I am grateful to be able to share some great books by some of these authors periodically….keep checking my website for new information.

Dec 30, 2015

karen-anne stewart news

update news

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Jul 27, 2015

Bad Uncle by Gillian Felix

Release of Bad Uncle by Gillian Felix

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May 12, 2015

Just Say When by author Kaylee Ryan

New Release of Just Say When by Kaylee Ryan

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May 11, 2015

Karen-Anne Stewart

Karen-Anne Stewart: New Adult author who doesn’t shy away from dark issues and hot heroes.

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Mar 17, 2015

Character Interview with Kevin from the Family Portrait Series by Gillian Felix

Character Interview with Kevin from the Family Portrait Series by Gillian Felix

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Mar 03, 2015

LEVITATE by @Author_K_Ryan Release Day Blitz

Release day blitz for Levitate, by Kaylee Ryan

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Feb 19, 2015

One to Save by Tia Louise Cover Reveal

Cover Reveal of One to Save by Tia Louise

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Jan 03, 2015

Perfect Escape (Family Portraits #4) by Gillian Felix

Perfect Escape (Family Portraits #4) by Gillian Felix

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Dec 11, 2014

The Importance of Betas

The Importance of Betas

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Oct 03, 2014

Year End Book Nominations

Year End Book Nominations 2014

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Fundraiser for Polaris Project

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Thanks to Jessica for the great banner:)

Fundraiser for Polaris Project

Did you know that there are more people forced into slavery today than ever before at any point in history?

While doing research for The Rain Trilogy, I came across an amazing organization that fights all forms of human trafficking in a holistic approach!  Although I’m not a part of the Polaris Project organization, I hold it very close to my heart and strongly encourage everyone to check out their website to see all that they do and how they have made great strides in helping those who have been affected by trafficking. The Polaris Project.

The donations from the fundraiser go directly to the Polaris Project.  The goal set is $1000.00, but I hope we can blow that amount out of the water!  Join me in the fight to end slavery with just $1.00 and you will be entered for a chance to win a free e-book of your choice from The Rain Trilogy (Saving Rain, Healing Rain, or After the Rain).  Thank you for taking a stand against human trafficking!

There will be 100 winners! Yes, 100!!! You must be 18 or older to win the giveaway.

Your first paragraph …

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Feel Excerpt

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The one whose emotions I can’t feel is the one who makes me feel the most. 

I was a sensitive, at least that’s what I was told by the boy who saved me from the overwhelming emotions that consumed my soul, the boy who saved me from myself when my gift became stronger.  Through the years, he was my redemption, my reason to take my next breath…then, he was gone.

Jensen always told me I was strong, but I didn’t believe him until I was forced to be strong on my own, and I kept breathing without him.  I’ve taken forty-two million breaths since the moment he sent me away.  Now, four years later, he’s standing in front of me, and I can barely breathe.

This isn’t just a story about the abilities I possess; it’s a story about something much stronger…the love of the man who possesses every part of me.


***Disclaimer –  Feel is intended for readers 18+ due to strong language, mature scenes, and some violence.


***Due to strong language, this excerpt is intended for readers 18+***

Excerpts of Jensen and Saige’s powerful love story.

I reach for her, but she jerks her hand away, the action feeling like a punch to my gut.  Softening my voice, I shove my hands inside my pockets, forcing myself not to grab her, pull her towards me, and make her understand as I explain, “I’m not trying to own you, Saige.  I’m trying to set you free!”

Saige looks at me for a few seconds, her eyes a haunting mix of vulnerability and determination.  For one brief moment, she looks as if she might cry.  That moment passes, and a smile curves the corners of her tortured lips as she leans in so close to me, I can smell the soft scent of lilac and mandarin on her skin as she whispers, “Bullshit.”

“I’ve never lied to you, Saige!  Not once!”  Anger spills into my words and seems to permeate her dark eyes, making them burn with pain and rage.

“You never lied to me?” Saige laughs bitterly. “I used to watch the clock every day, praying for the seconds to tick by faster so I could be with you.  When I was with you, nothing else mattered; the only people who existed, the only damn feeling that existed, was us!  You made me feel free.  I loved watching you play Superman and try so hard to obtain some form of power so you could be a hero, like him, but, to me, you were a hero.  You were my hero, my Superman!  Then, one day you just stopped talking about him; you changed, but you never stopped being my hero…until the day you had them send me away.”

“You know why I did that!  I sent you away to protect you, Saige,” I yell, raking my hands roughly through my hair, trying to expel the guilt and pain.  “I’ve never stopped protecting you…never.”

The hurt in her eyes kills me, and I step closer to her, slowly running a strand of her hair through my fingers.  “And, what do you think of me now, Saige?” I ask, needing her to understand, to know that I never stopped loving her, and desperately needing her absolution.

Her eyes fill with tears as she takes a step away from me.  The sadness in her voice rips through my soul, “Fuck Superman.”

Live on Amazon now!  Click here to order your copy.



Here’s another tiny sneak peek….

Check out the book trailer for Feel.

Feel trailer


My Books

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Below are my hopes, thoughts, dreams, and countless caffeine induced hours that morphed into my novels.  I hope you fall in love as much as I did.

My novels in order as they were written.

Saving Rain is my debut novel, the book that fulfilled my dreams of becoming an author.

The Rain Trilogy is what I classify as my ‘cleaner’ novels.  There is not much language and the intimate scenes are written more as a form of healing and as a psychological parallel than for heat level (although, there is some serious attraction going on).  The focus is on Kas and Raina’s developing relationship as they join forces to combat human trafficking. 

Raina has tried to forget her past, forget the pain, but when she finds herself staring straight into the fury blazing in her ex-boyfriend’s eyes, her dark past comes rushing back. Furious with herself for actually having chosen someone like her father, she uses that anger to her advantage and fights for her life…and for her future that she prays will involve the man she can’t seem to get out of her head.

Kas is a natural leader, a fierce fighter, the type of man you send in when you need to get the job done. He is a courageous hero who is used to risking his own life to save others, but can he save the one who has captured his heart from her horrific past and the men who are hell-bent on destroying her?

As Kas and Raina try to navigate through the twists and turns of a deviously intelligent human trafficking group, they find solace in each other’s arms. Can they infiltrate the trafficker’s tight ring, saving the innocent lives from imminent danger before it’s too late?

Written primarily in 3rd person POV.

***Disclaimer: Due to sensitive issues of abuse, human trafficking, and mature scenes, The Rain Trilogy is intended for readers 18+. Although Saving Rain does not include ‘mature’ scenes, the final two novels do.

Saving Rain on Amazon


Healing Rain

Shattered when Raina runs after his marriage proposal, Kas is hell-bent to find her and bring her home, where she belongs. He will bend every law necessary to do so, willing to do anything to protect Raina from her demons and the men who haunt her, going as far as placing his career and life on the line to save hers. Raina will give up everything she has worked so hard to achieve, even flee the country to keep Kas from the wrath and powerful reach of her abusive father.

In the midst of the FBI team closing in on the Ghost, another ghost from Raina’s past taunts her, promising that she will be his. Meanwhile, a different trafficking ring is gaining strength in New Jersey. Michael solicits Raina’s help, needing her smooth, sultry voice to win the audition for the new singer in the ring leader’s swanky night club. Raina knows her life is in jeopardy with the dangers of being undercover, but she is blindsided when she discovers that it’s her heart that is threatened with a mortal blow.

Raina tries to heal from the nightmares of her dark past as the grisly bodies of innocent victims surface when the team gets closer to discovering the identity of the man responsible for the infuriatingly clever and powerful slavery ring. When Raina finally comes face to face with the Ghost, he quickly engulfs her in a twisted game of cat and mouse, delivering a veiled threat as he slips through her fingers. As the ghosts of her past and present ensnare her in their deadly web, Raina realizes the danger has just begun.

***Due to sensitive issues of abuse, human trafficking, and mature scenes, The Rain Trilogy is intended for readers 18+***

Healing Rain on Amazon

After the Rain

Finally able to put her harrowing past to rest, Raina looks forward to her future with Kas, but the Ghost has other plans. As the FBI team gets closer to taking down the largest human trafficking ring in the modern world, the Ghost begins a wicked game, making Raina the pawn and the target. Never before encountering a worthy adversary, he’s fascinated by Raina and is enjoying the refreshing challenge of her intellect.

The danger ignites to a blazing new level, and Kas struggles between the need to finally exorcise the Ghost and his need to protect his wife. Tension mounts as an internal battle wages, tormenting Kas as he watches Raina put her all into taking down the man responsible for horrific sex slavery and gruesome deaths. When a new player takes control, Jefferson orders the end of the Ghost’s game with Raina, which results in one final, devastating act, leaving Kas desperate and willing to do whatever it takes to save her…by whatever means necessary.

***Disclaimer: Due to sensitive issues of abuse, human trafficking, and mature scenes, The Rain Trilogy is intended for readers 18+

After the Rain on Amazon

Ash to Steele


Who I am and all I believe is marred with just one glance into angry, steel blue eyes. He seems to control my air, my ability to breathe. He makes me crave everything I know is a sin. Pure becomes tainted and lines are blurred. It’s my fault; I’m the one who isn’t strong enough. I’ve been damaged…broken. Breck’s words haunt me…’There’s a consequence for every choice you make.’


I’ve had so many women I can’t even remember over half of their names, but none of them are mine; I make damn sure of that. I take what I desire and never look back. I don’t need or want anyone, ever…not until I met Emma. Those eyes bore into what’s left of my soul and her touch sears me, weakens me. I want to hate her for that. She is my ruin…my sweetest hell.

Disclaimer: Intended for readers 18+ due to strong language, mature scenes, and some violence.

Ash to Steele on Amazon

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